• Mr. Chen Gong, the Chief Researcher of Anbound Consulting, is not only the earliest scholar studying the links between economics and geopolitics, but also one of the earliest Chinese scholars studying the "New Silk Road" strategy. He, however, has different views on the subjects with the contemporary scholars, consistently upholding his supportive position on the strategy. The traditional heartland theory believes that the heartland of the Eurasia continent will become the most significant strategical area as the evolution of land transportation. These theories are proposed and summarized from Halford Mackinder's publication including "The Geographical Pivot of History”, “Democratic Ideals...
  • Beijing's architectural history can be traced back to 3000 years ago, and it has been the capital of China for more than 800 years. Before the founding of Shanghai, Beijing had built great city walls on the fertile land crisscrossed with rivers and lakes, south of Inner Mongolia grasslands. Now the city has prosperous streets and people from various parts of the globe who speak different languages; it is also an important hub that connects to the heartland of China, the vast mountainous areas and forests of the Northwest and the Northeast. Throughout thousands of unpeaceful years, Beijing was known to be a deadly-still place frequently invaded by the nomadic hordes; its historical importanc...
  • On 13th May, 2015, Anbound's founder, chief researcher and think tank scholar, Chen Gong welcomed Rodney D. Ludema, the chief economist of the U.S. State Department. The meeting was held at Anbound’s headquarters.
  • On March 26th, 2015, Zaid Haider, who is a senior official covers global economic issues in U.S. Department of State, visited ANBOUND and Chen Gong, ANBOUND Founder, Chief Researcher and Think Tank Scholar. During the meeting, they talked about operation and future development strategy of Chinese economy.
  • ANBOUND Founder, Chief Researcher and Think Tank Scholar Chen Gong and Senior Researcher He Jun held a meeting with Ms. Wu Xiaoling, Chairwoman and Dean of Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance, Vice Chairwoman of financial committee of the National People's Congress. Ms. Wu once was the Vice Governor of China People's Bank. Both Parties have talked over the think tank's structure and framework construction, business model, type, operation and encouraging mechanism.
Anbound Consulting (Anbound) is the most renowned Think Tank for public policy in Mainland China. Established in 1993, Anbound focuses on macro-economic and policy areas. Anbound's research findings are widely recognized and create a deep interest within public media, academics and experts who are also providing consulting service to the State Council of China.
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