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Thursday, September 09, 2021
IAEE PODCASTS: How to achieve hydrogen society

Mr Chan Kung, Founder of ANBOUND, was invited to join IAEE's podcast to share his view on realizing hydrogen energy society. Many countries and major manufacturers of electric vehicles are now very interested in lithium battery. This has also greatly promoted its demand.

While the concept of hydrogen society aims for carbon reduction, mass usage of lithium batteries actually causes pollution. Therefore, there are questions on the effectiveness of electric cars in carbon reduction. Not only the mining of lithium causes pollution, the recycling of lithium batteries is also just something theoretical. Batteries must be replaced when their capacity is less than 80%. This has created even more serious pollution problem.

Chan Kung addresses these questions in this podcast. Click to listen.

1. Are lithium batteries conducive to the emergence a of hydrogen energy society?

2. What makes the green automobile industry really meaningful?

3. What role will hydrogen fuel engines play in reducing carbon and controlling pollution?

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International Association for Energy Economics
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