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Friday, November 03, 2023
Generational Characteristics of the Chinese Populations: A Preliminary Observation
Kung Chan

The issue of intergenerational dynamics in China constitutes a significant challenge within Chinese society. Indeed, comprehending China and its societal intricacies necessitates an understanding of the characteristics inherent to individuals across different generational strata. This, however, proves to be an arduous task. Given that individuals typically assess and cognize based on personal experiences, transitioning from individual perspectives to a collective understanding entails a complex and inherently ambiguous cognitive process.

This paper represents a preliminary synthetic attempt from the perspective of the author's social experience. The focal criteria for evaluation in this paper encompass social attributes, societal stratification, performance during the Cultural Revolution, urbanization, prevailing social trends, and characteristics of social education. It is imperative to acknowledge that the observational and integrative methods employed for these factors may not comprehensively address all intergenerational issues, possibly lacking in comprehensiveness or accuracy. Nevertheless, serving as an aperture, it offers insight into the challenges posed by intergenerational dynamics and their profound impacts on the future, thereby potentially bearing its own value and significance.

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