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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
The Depletion of Russian Arsenals and Its Troops Who Prayed in Front of Drones
Kung Chan

News from Russian indicates that the country has admitted it has almost depleted its precision-guided weapons.

In addition, the UK defense ministry claimed that many of the missiles launched by Russia are old cruise missiles such as KH-55, with nuclear warheads removed. Therefore, Russia was practically firing unarmed munitions at Ukraine. The ministry believes that this is a sign that Russia's precision-guided weapons are exhausted.

At present, the number of such KH 55 missile launches is increasing, and they have been found in various parts of Ukraine, which shows that the Russian army is indeed doing this on a large scale, not occasionally. This also does not appear to be nuclear intimidation, and it actually shows the depletion in Russia's stock of long-range missiles.

On Ukraine's side, the United States is considering giving it a 100-mile strike weapon.

Dubbed Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB), the system could be delivered to Ukraine in the spring, according to sources revealed to Reuters.

So far, although Ukraine has repeatedly strongly requested the U.S. to provide long-range missile systems, the latter has yet to agree to it. The longest-range weapon system currently provided to Ukraine is the HIMARS rocket.

Therefore, until now, Ukraine has been unable to respond equally to Russia's long-range missile attacks and is powerless in destroying Russia's infrastructure. As a result, it can only watch drones and missiles from Russia blowing up its own power system and infrastructure.

In reality, Ukraine's drones have the potential to end Russia's trench warfare.

Now Ukraine's use of drones has completely covered all fronts. It operates small drone special operation forces and uses them to continuously attack Russian infantry in the trenches every day during the daytime. The Russian infantry in the trenches suffered heavy casualties, and are completely helpless against such drone attacks.

This kind of small drone is said to come from Taiwan. It is reported that Poland has ordered 1,000 such drones, which own a rotary bomb bay and a simple targeting system with high accuracy.

Ukraine released a large number of such drones to attack the trench system of the Russian army. Even if the Russian army had some anti-drone equipment, it could not cover the entire front, and this made the trench a graveyard for the Russian army.

In the face of continuous drone attacks, some Russian troops even prayed in front of the drone's camera that they might be spared from being killed.

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