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  • Zhang Wenmu (张文木)
    Born : January , 1957Gender : Male
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Professor, center for strategic studies, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Since 1979, he has successively studied in Northwest University, Tianjin Normal University and Shandong University, and obtained a doctor of law degree in 1997.


Professor, center for strategic studies, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Executive director, world socialism research center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


He has published a series of articles on China's security strategy, the main research direction of which was national security strategy.

Notable Works|Publications

China's security strategy in the new century (Shandong people's publishing house, 2000)

An analysis of China's national security interests in World Geopolitics (Shandong people's publishing house, 2004)

India's national development potential and its evaluation: comparison with China (Science and Technology Literature Press, 2005 Edition)

China's national security strategy from a global perspective (Shandong people's publishing house, 2008)

On China's sea power (Ocean Press, 2009 Edition)

Main Opnions

From the Kosovo war, Zhang thought of the influence of the world military technology revolution on China's future security. In his view, because of the scientific and technological revolution, the war mode has completed the three-dimensional transformation from land power to sea power and then to air power. The main factors that determine the victory or defeat of a war in the new century were not the number and combat capability of a country's army, but the high-tech content of its navy and air force and the resulting combat capability. Who has mastered outer space and then deep sea domain monitoring technology, who controled the air and sea power in the low-level space, that was who controled the initiative of the war. Therefore, he proposed that "China must quickly adjust the current national defense model which focuses on local defense to the national defense model which focuses on sea power and air power. Otherwise, we cannot ensure that China will remain invincible in the international political struggle in the 21st century. "


Zhang Wenmu didn't know when he was called "the hawk of Chinese academic circle" by foreign countries. When Zhang wenmu declared in the media in 2000 that "the big country comes out of the gun", the voice of "the hawk Zhang Wenmu" became more and more popular abroad.

In order to publish his opinions more completely, he also stressed that China should first make military preparations, and any dialogue and negotiation should be backed by strength. And power was first and foremost military power. We must not wait for the "large-scale invasion of the enemy" before making military preparations.

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