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  • Qin Qian (秦倩)
    Gender : Male

Lecturer, school of international relations and public affairs, Fudan University


Doctor of laws

Doctor of medicine

Visiting scholar, Oxford University, UK


Associate professor, department of international politics, school of international relations and public affairs, Fudan University;

Visiting scholars from Chinese University of Hong Kong, Oxford University, and Brigham Young University;


She has successively presided over national and provincial subjects such as the National Social Science Fund and Shanghai Pujiang plan.

Courses she taught: international law, religion and international relations.

Notable Works|Publications

International law and Religious NGOs

Medicine and international relations

Main Opnions

Generally speaking, international law, as an empirical norm or rule system of the international community, restricts the behavior of sovereign states and other international legal subjects, and protects their rights, such as national self-determination, sovereign equality and inviolability, basic human rights, the need to abide by treaties, which are all related to the life of the real international community, and do not seem to be related to religion or metaphysics direct contact. They are either agreed by sovereign states, or evolved through customs and practices in international exchanges. However, these different international legal provisions or customs will inevitably involve metaphysics and even religion when they are traced back to their legitimacy, or when people are questioned about their motivation to obey or abide by them.


The mainstream interpretation of modern international law holds that modern international law is an independent legal system, that is to say, international law belongs to international law. Although international law has many elements of religion, international law is not a religion after all, and international law itself is an independent and self-sufficient self creation system. Moreover, historically, the modern international legal system just broke away from the religious laws and regulations, especially a series of legal rights problems such as sovereignty caused by the emergence of modern nation-state, and with the awakening of political and social civil rights awareness, the old religious laws and regulations disintegrated, and the secular international law emerged as an independent legal subject.

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