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  • Chi Fulin (迟福林)
    Born : August , 1951Gender : Male

Honorary President of the Hainan Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences Circles.


Central Party School Theory Department


Expert of Advisory Board,Chief Researcher and PhD Supervisor of China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Free Trade Port).

He holds concurrent posts as Executive Dean of China Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD),Vice President of China Society of Administrative Reform and Vice President of China Society of Economic Reform He is also advisor to the Government of Hainan and distinguished decision making advisory expert of Shanghai Municipal People's Government He is a distinguished professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance,China Executive Leadership Academy Jinggangshan,Peking University,Zhejiang University and Northeastern University and some other universities He is also member of the eleventh National Committees of CPPCC.

1968.04-1970.11 Students of Shenyang Military Region Technical Reconnaissance Detachment

1970.12-1976.12 Publicity Officer, Political Division, Technical Reconnaissance Detachment, Shenyang Military Region

1977.01-1978.12 Publicity Officer, Department of Political Science, National University of Defense

1979.01-1984.08 Instructor, Marxist-Leninist Basic Teaching and Research Office, National Defense University (of which 1979-1981)

1984.09-1986.09 Postgraduate of the Central Party School's theoretical department and concurrently serving as the academic group leader of the theoretical department

1986.10-1988.03 Researcher, Office of the Central Political System Reform Seminar

1988.04-1993.06 Hainan Provincial Party Committee Policy Research Office, Provincial System Reform Office

In 1991, the Executive Dean and Research Fellow of the China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute were mainly part-time social members: a member of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Vice Chairman of the China Economic System Reform Research Association, China Enterprise Federation, and Vice President of the China Entrepreneurs Association.

In September 2017, Honorary Chairman of the Social Science Federation of Hainan Province.

Notable Works|Publications

The Road To Prosperity——In The Net Three Decades. China Intercontinental Press ,2010.

Change Of China’s Developmengt Models At The Crossroads. China Intercontinental Press ,2010.

Starting Point: Thirty Years of Reform in China,Foreign Language Press,2008.

The Threshold——Transformation of Government Functions and the Reform,Foreign Language Press ,2005.

China The New Stage Of Reform,Foreign Language Press,2004.

Alarming Bell——China: SARS Crisis and System Reform,Foreign Language Press,2003.

Reform Determines Future of China,Foreign Language Press,2000.

Several issues arising during the retracting of Chinese economic,Foreign Language Press ,1997.

Main Opnions

China's traditional mode of development has lagged behind, and great determination must be made to implement the second reform.

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