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  • Liu Xiaofeng (刘小枫)
    Born : April , 1956Gender : Male
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Professor, doctoral supervisor, school of arts, Renmin University of China.


1978.09—1982.07, he studied in Sichuan Foreign Language College and obtained a bachelor of arts degree;

1982.09-1985.01, he studied at Peking University and obtained a master's degree in philosophy;

1989.04-1993.07, he studied at the University of Basel, Switzerland, and obtained Ph.D degree;


1974, farming in the countryside;

1977, staff of the collection and cataloguing department of Chongqing library;

1985, lecturer, Chinese department, Shenzhen University;

1988, associate professor, Chinese department, Shenzhen University;

1993-2002, researcher, institute of Chinese culture, Chinese University of Hong Kong;

2002-2003, visiting professor, department of sinology, University of Bonn, Germany;

2003-2009, professor of philosophy department, doctoral supervisor and director of aesthetics teaching and research office of Sun Yat sen University;

Since 2009, professor of the school of arts of Renmin University of China, distinguished professor of outstanding scholars of Renmin University of China, doctoral supervisor, director of classical civilization research center of the school of arts, and leader of literature and art discipline.


His research fields are Chinese and Western classical thought, Christian thought history, German modern thought history and political philosophy. At present, his main research and teaching directions are: Ancient Greek philosophy, Pre-Qin and Han thought, ancient Greek philology, German modern thought, religion political philosophy. He is known as the representative of cultural Christians.

(1) "Classics and interpretation: Plato's annotations", major basic research program of Renmin University of China (2010 to present)

(2) "Christian and Western Classical Tradition Research", Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences project base major project (2010-2013)

(3) "Oxford Classic dictionary Chinese translation", National Social Science Foundation major project (2017 project)

Notable Works|Publications

(1) Save and free, East China Normal University Press (2007)

(2) Philosophy of poetry, Huaxia press (2007)

(3) Picking cold branches, Huaxia press, (2009)

(4) Restart classical poetics, Huaxia press (2010)

(5) Strauss's road sign, Huaxia press (2011)

(6) Kairos, East China Normal University Press(2014)

(7) Is it possible to become a brilliant reader of outlaws of the marsh, Jianghan forum, 2013, issue 6

(8) The myth of Prometheus and the problem of democratic government, academic research, 2016, issue 7

(9) Why there is no China in ranker's world history, Chinese culture, spring 2016

Main Opnions

Individualists needed solid value support. After studying theology, Liu Xiaofeng began to understand that the secularized liberalism had theology as its source of value. Without God's salvation, the individualists of liberalism couldn't carry out their own strong ethical practice in real life, they could only be depressed and even died of withering. This was the fate of modern Chinese liberalism, whose core was Zhuangzi value nihilism.


Liu and Gan thought that Strauss they introduced is not a kind of "doctrine". They thought that "doctrine" was the product of modernity and the result of blind superstition of the common people (opposite to philosophers). In fact, however, Strauss doctrine was emerging quietly.

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