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  • Li Hongmei (李红梅)
    Born : February , 1963Gender : Male

Secretary of the party committee of Hainan Normal University

Vice chairman of Hainan Federation of Social Sciences


Graduate of economic management of Central Party School


Deputy secretary and secretary of the Youth League Committee of Hainan Provincial People's Hospital;

Deputy director and director of the party office of Hainan people's Hospital;

Vice secretary of Hainan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and vice chairman of the Provincial Youth Federation;

Deputy secretary and secretary of discipline work committee of Hainan Education Work Committee and the discipline inspection team leader of Hainan education department;

Deputy director of the department of education of Hainan Province, member of the party group of the department and member of the Provincial Education Working Committee;

Chairman of Hainan Provincial Committee of China education trade union;

Secretary of the party committee of Hainan Radio and Television University;

Secretary of the party committee of Hainan Normal University;

The fifth member of Hainan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection;


She has been selected as a member of the general research group of the Ministry of education's "major subject of education reform and development strategy and policy research" and "theoretical research and practical exploration of Vocational Education Group Running School".

"Investigation and intervention of children's accidental injury in Haikou City"


In 1991, she won the medal of "youth construction of Hainan Special Economic Zone";

In 1996, she won the third "May 4th Youth Medal" of Hainan Province;

In 1997, she won the title of "advanced worker of spiritual civilization construction in Hainan Province";

In 1999, she won the title of "national excellent hospital ideological and political worker";

Notable Works|Publications

Case study report of Hainan vocational education group running

Main Opnions

Making good use of "Internet +" to ease the "pain points" and "blocking points" of people's medical treatment, and using strict supervision to ensure the stability of Internet diagnosis and treatment. In the future, it will be able to change the unbalanced and inadequate situation of medical supply, improve the quality and accessibility of medical and health services, and better meet the health needs of the masses.

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