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  • He Fan (何帆)
    Born : January , 1971Gender : Male
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Chief economist, managing director and research director of Caixin think tank;

Senior researcher of the new economic thinking Institute of New York;

Former researcher of the Institute of world economy and politics, Chinese Academy of social sciences;


He graduated from Hainan University in 1992 with a bachelor's degree;

He graduated from China Graduate School of Social Sciences in 1996 and 2000 with master's degree and doctor's degree in economics respectively;

From 1998 to 2000, he studied in Harvard University;

From 2000 to 2002, he studied as a postdoctoral student in the Institute of world economy and politics, Chinese Academy of social sciences;


Professor of economics, HSBC School of business, Peking University, chief economist of Caixin media and chief economist of Chongyang financial research institute, Renmin University.

Other academic and social part-time jobs include: member of the exchange rate expert group of the people's Bank of China, consultant of the International Department of the Ministry of finance, consultant of the WTO Department of the Ministry of Commerce, deputy secretary general of the China World Economic Association, executive director of the Public Policy Research Institute of the China Economic System Reform Research Association, special commentator of CCTV financial channel, special observer of Xinhua news agency, world Young global leaders in Davos, young leaders in Asian society, part-time professors of Peking University and other universities.


Presided over a number of topics initiated by the world bank, German Adenauer foundation, East Asia Development Network (EADN), Ministry of Finance and other institutions.

Notable Works|Publications

The published monographs include Variable, Overall situation: economic thinking in the real world, Constitution for market economy: report on financial problems in contemporary China, Foreign policy in the era of economic globalization: looking for new theoretical perspective, Economics for a walk out, etc. More than 30 papers have been published in major domestic economic journals, and more than 100 financial and economic reviews have been published in various mainstream media, which had a great social impact. Translation: The world is flat.

Main Opnions

He fan not only had a thorough analysis of the domestic economic phenomenon, but also had a profound understanding of the BRICS countries and the world economic situation.

The main research fields include: international finance, international political economy, China's macroeconomic, macroeconomic theory and practice.


The "new normal" of China's economy has not fundamentally changed, and downward pressure still existed.

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