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  • Chen Yugang (陈玉刚)
    Gender : Male

Director of Media Press Center, Fudan University


1997-2000, Ph.D, international politics, Fudan University

1991-1994, master of international politics, Fudan University

1987-1991, bachelor's degree, department of international politics, Fudan University


From 2007 to 2008, as Fulbright senior visiting scholar from China paid a one-year visit to the Institute of advanced international studies at Hopkins University in the United States to study the post Cold War relations between the United States and Europe.

1999-2000, as visiting scholar of China EU higher education cooperation project, studied in the European research center of Limerick University in Ireland for one year, engaged in the research of EU common foreign and security policy.

He has made short-term visits to Paris Institute of Political Science in France, Lund University in Sweden and Duisburg Essen University in Germany.

On January 3, 2018, Chen Yugang served as executive vice minister of publicity department and director of information center of Fudan University.


His courses include: introduction to international relations, European politics and diplomacy, comparative regional cooperation, globalization and global governance, history of international relations, western economics, relations with major powers and strategies, etc.

Notable Works|Publications


1. Supranational governance: A Study on the transformation of international relations, Shanghai People's publishing house, 2009.

2. A comparative study on the theory of national and supranational European integration, Shanghai People's publishing house, 2001.


1. European Politics in the era of globalization, edited by Howard wialda, Peking University Press, 2010.

2. Oran young: Governance in world affairs, Shanghai People's publishing house, 2007.


1. Global political paradigm in the 21st century, Fudan University Press, 2005.

2. Study on the strategy of great powers: the United States, Russia, Japan, Europe (EU) and China in the future, Central Compilation and Translation Press, 1998.

Academic papers:

1. EU political development after Lisbon treaty, international watch, No. 1, 2011.

2. International morality and great power responsibility of regional cooperation, world economy and politics, No. 8, 2010.

3. On global relations and global order, foreign affairs review, 2010, issue 1.

4. Changes in international relations and China's strategic choice of diplomacy, teaching and research, 2009, issue 10.

5. Paradigm shift and the agenda of new international relations, international watch, No. 5, 2009 (September).

6. The financial crisis, the decline of the United States and the flattening of international relations, world economy and politics, 2009, issue 5.

7. Integrated security: a new security paradigm and concept, edited by Wu Yikang: the trend of European integration and China EU relations, current affairs press, 2008.

8. Vision and strategy of multiple international systems, international observation, No. 5, 2008.

9. Big country mentality and international strategy, learning monthly, 2008, issue 11.

10. 30 years of China's theory of international relations, forum on international issues, spring 2008 (No. 50 in total).

11. On the construction of China's soft power in the context of globalization, international observation, No. 2, 2007.

12. European experience and cooperation in East Asia, world economy and politics, No. 5, 2006.

Main Opnions

Research fields: international relations theory, EU politics and foreign relations, global governance, regional cooperation, China's foreign relations and foreign strategy, polar politics, etc.


Sovereignty is regulated at both system level and unit level. The sovereignty problem originates from an internal structural tension between these two levels. Most of the disputes about sovereignty often fail to realize that the positions and viewpoints of the disputants are based on different levels.

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