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  • Chen Dingding (陈定定)
    Gender : Male

Professor, school of international relations, Jinan University

President of Intellisia Institute (海国图智研究院)


Bachelor degree, department of international economics, Renmin University of China;

Master's and doctor's degree in political science, University of Chicago, USA;

One-year postdoctoral research in Harvard University;


Vice president of the Asia pacific region of the International Research Association (ISA);

Non-Resident Fellow at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), Germany;

Columnist of Diplomat Magazine


In Jinan University, he took courses such as international organization and China's foreign policy.

Notable Works|Publications

Prediction in International Relations: Theory and Practice

Why the country fights

He has published many papers in International Security, Washington Quarterly and other journals.

Main Opnions

The main research interests include China's diplomacy, East Asian security and international public opinion.


TPP may be good for China.

Chen said the pressure from the TPP could even promote reform in China, just as the Chinese government used the WTO agreement to open up its economic system. In the eyes of optimists, the high standard of TPP in labor and environmental protection was a good thing, because China needed to take these issues seriously.

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