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  • Zhang Liqun (张立群)
    Gender : Male

Famous economist, researcher of Macroeconomic Research Department of development research center of the State Council, Deputy Secretary General of Academic Committee of Development Research Center


1984 - March, 1999. Researcher of National Development and Reform Commission: engaged in macroeconomic analysis, economic development strategy and planning research.

March, 1999 – now. Researcher of Macroeconomic Research Department of National Research Center: transferred to the development research center of the State Council in March 1999. Participated in the study of the eighth five year plan, the ninth five year plan, the Tenth Five Year Plan and the eleventh five year plan or the drafting of relevant documents.


In recent years, he has participated in the drafting of relevant documents of the central economic working conference and the work report of the government.

Over the years, more than 400 articles on macroeconomic analysis and development strategy have been published in newspapers and magazines such as truth-seeking, economic research, management of the world, China's industrial economy, economic trends, outlook, people's daily, economic daily, Guangming Daily, etc.

He often gives lectures on macroeconomic situation and policy, study and guidance of government work reports, and medium and long-term planning of economic development.

Notable Works|Publications

《China's economy after returning to GATT》

《Economic operation and macro-economic regulation in the buyer's market》

《Accelerating the transformation of economic development mode》

Main Opnions

China should firmly control the demand of speculative and investment houses.

The effect of macro-economic regulation in 2012 is expected to be shown in 2013, and the year-on-year growth of house price, food price and total price will be significantly reduced; the growth rate of export and investment is also expected to decline, and the economic growth rate will continue to decline steadily. Influenced by uncertainties such as the adjustment of the world economy and the domestic real estate market, there is also exists the possibility of large fluctuations. The focus of macro-control is expected to turn from controlling inflation to consolidating the basis of economic growth.


For the scientific planning of urbanization, Zhang Liqun said——

In some places, there is a tendency of movement in urbanization, and even the misunderstanding of urbanization as the elimination of rural areas is a problem of scientific planning.

Some local leaders have been changed, so the planning has been changed accordingly; some local leaders have not changed, but they have been thinking and changing day by day, so that the urbanization construction has either one problem or another.

Urbanization is a long and painstaking process, which can not be achieved overnight. On the basis of repeated argumentation, the scientific planning of urbanization must be based on a blueprint.

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