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  • Zhai Hongshen (翟鸿燊)
    Born : April , 1943Gender : Male

Expert in practical application of traditional Chinese studies, economic and cultural scholar


1. Advocates and disseminators of contemporary Chinese traditional culture, experts in practical application of traditional Chinese culture, economic and cultural scholars, visiting professors of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing University of science and technology, and National University of the United States.

2. Zhai has long been committed to promoting the inheritance of traditional culture and the dissemination of the essence of traditional Chinese culture. His courses, such as “Applied Wisdom Of Sinology”, “Top Ten Cultivation Of Entrepreneurs”, “Wisdom Of Moral Classics”, “Seven Day Meditation And Morality Class”, “Sinology Health Care, etc., are very popular in MBA, EMBA, DBA, President seminar and excellent leadership project training of famous universities at home and abroad.


Main courses

The power of leadership

Saying perfection

Super mobility manual

The way of leadership in traditional Chinese culture

The highest realm of Chinese art

The great wisdom of Peking University

Great wisdom 3: wisdom of moral classics and Sinology

Tsinghua: the application wisdom of Sinology

Notable Works|Publications

The main works are 《High Quality Communication》, 《The Power Of Leadership》, 《Saying Is Right》, etc

Main Opnions

There are two purposes for us to participate in the study: first, we need to learn knowledge, realize wisdom, go back to the way and do business! The second is to make friends, integrate resources, and let the motherland have relatives everywhere.


The perfect combination of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in professor Zhai's courses makes us feel the talent flowing from his bones and the glory and spirit of Chinese people surging in his blood.

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