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  • Jiang Xinmin (姜鑫民)
    Gender : Male

Deputy researcher, deputy director of Energy Economy and Development Strategy Research Center


He has successively obtained bachelor's degree in thermal power engineering of Shandong University of technology, master's degree in oil and gas engineering of Petroleum University (Beijing), postgraduate master in energy of Swiss Federal Institute of higher technology (EPFL), advanced graduate diploma of European enterprise innovation (CREAT), Ph.D. in economics of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of social sciences.


He has been engaged in energy engineering technology and management, and had been engaged in energy management and research and development in Jinan Iron and Steel Group, Swiss natural gas Federation and GAZNAT company. He has researched on energy economy, policy and strategic development planning, presided over or participated in many domestic and international cooperative scientific research projects such as National Natural Science Foundation, national energy administration, China finance office, China Cooperation Council, local governments and enterprise groups. He presided over and completed 21 research topics as the group leader or deputy group leader from 2005 to 2010. There are 15 articles published in《Energy of China》, 《China Finance》, 《China Petrochem》, 《China Economic Herald》, and other journals, and 4 papers have been included in the series of 《China Energy Research》and《China Petrochemical Equipment Industry Yearbook》.


The main research topics presided over and completed as group leader or deputy group leader are:

1. 《Research on National Energy Security and Development》, natural science fund emergency project

2. 《Research on Major Issues of Energy Planning》, basic subject of macro institute.

3. 《Research on the Strategic Position and Role of Nuclear Energy in China's Energy in the New Era》, The former National Energy Office

4. 《Research on the medium and long term planning of saving and replacing oil in China》, Department of environment and assets of the national development and Reform Commission

5. 《Research on LNG Reserve Peak Regulation Mechanism, Oil and Gas Department of Energy Administration》, CNOOC

6. 《Research on the industrial policy of natural power generation of the second west east gas pipeline》, Shenzhen Development and Reform Bureau and Shenzhen Gas Group

7. 《Research on the price of refined oil in China》, Sinopec

8. 《Prospects of China's imported LNG market》, CNOOC

9. 《Research on the strategic reserve plan of Beijing natural gas》, Beijing Development and Reform Bureau and Beijing Gas Group

10. 《Shenzhen natural gas strategic research》, Shenzhen Development and Reform Bureau, CNOOC

11. 《Develop circular economy and realize low-carbon development in Yinchuan》, China Council and Yinchuan Environmental Protection Bureau

12. 《Research on the development strategy of China Power Investment Corporation for nuclear power》, China Power Investment Group Corporation.

13. 《Pilot implementation plan for circular economy of Shenzhen Nanshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 》, Shenzhen Nanshan Power Co., Ltd.

14. 《Research on China South Korea oil supply and demand balance cooperation plan》, SK company of South Korea

15. 《Energy audit report of Jingyuan industrial city》, Dongguan Jingyuan woolen clothing Co., Ltd.

16. 《Research on the legal framework of China's oil and gas industry》, the Energy Bureau and Energy Research Institute of the former development and Reform Commission.

As the report writer, participated in and completed the following research topics:

1. Research on the development planning of old districts in Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia.

2. Research on major issues in the future development of alternative energy in China.

3. Research on the layout planning of strength energy and energy chemical bases in the west.

4. Research on natural gas market law and demand forecasting technology and model.

5. Research on the energy development planning of Hainan Province during the 12th Five Year Plan period.

6. Research on policies related to China's onshore natural gas foreign cooperation.

7. Research on the current situation, characteristics and laws of natural gas market development.

8. Research on the price mechanism of Shanghai gas power generation.

Notable Works|Publications

1. Multi perspective on international energy issues

2. The relationship in energy planning

3. Analysis of the construction of energy planning index system

4. Choose a low-carbon road suitable for China's national conditions

5. Analysis on the trend of international oil price in 2009

6. Oil price reform has no model but exploration

7. The impact of the financial crisis on the oil market and China's countermeasures

8. We should moderate the development of coal to gas project

Main Opnions

According to Jiang, from the external perspective, economic trend of China has increased in uncertainty, imbalance and instability, but the recovery of the world economy, including the continuation of the expansion of world trade, should happened in high probability. From this point of view, China's foreign trade still has the conditions to maintain a better development trend.


Many views, including "rising fast and falling slowly, rising more and falling less", are misunderstandings of the national development and Reform Commission.

"As long as market existing, speculation is inevitable", although the NDRC has made many efforts in order to avoid market speculation, Jiang said that for speculation, the state may supervise and control it, use statistical methods to measure the quantity of oil products being stored, and adopt price to regulate resource supply; if resources are hoarded in large quantities, the NDRC may choose not to adjust the price to promote resources launch to the market. However, this supervision process will bring a significant increase in management costs. Who will supervise and how to supervise are important issues that need to be studied.

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