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  • Chen Yulu (陈雨露)
    Born : November , 1966Gender : Male

Vice Governor of People's Bank of China (Since 2015)


Renmin University of China


Five years after the resumption of college entrance examination, he studied, then taught at the Renmin University of China. He taught there between 1989 and 2010, what he was promoted to Associate Professor in February 1993 and to full Professor in May 1997. He served as Executive Vice-Dean of its Finance College in 1997, and five years later promoted to the Dean position. In May 2005 he was promoted to become its vice-president, he remained in that position until March 2010, when he was transferred to Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) and appointed the president. After a year and half, he was transferred back to Renmin University and served as the president there, a position at vice-ministerial level. In late October, 2015, the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China appointed him as deputy governor of People's Bank of China, China's central bank.


In 2004, he was selected as the national candidate of "one million talents project in the new century" by the Ministry of personnel; in 1999, he won the first national young teachers award of the Ministry of education; in 1998, he won the outstanding young teachers award of Huo Yingdong Education Fund.

He has won the first prize (joint) of the fifth national teaching achievement award of higher education, the second prize of the fifth national teaching achievement award of higher education, the eighth anzzie international trade excellent works award, the first prize of excellent scientific research achievements of philosophy and social sciences of Beijing and many other awards. He is a national excellent doctoral dissertation instructor.

Notable Works|Publications


《中国农村金融论纲》 [Chinese Rural Finance] (in Chinese). Beijing: China Finance Publishing House. 2010. ISBN 9787504955265.

《金钱统治》 [Money Rules] (in Chinese). Nanjing, Jiangsu: Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House. 2011. ISBN 9787539931432.

《中国金融体系大趋势》 [Trend of China's Financial System] (in Chinese). Beijing: China Finance Publishing House. 2011. ISBN 9787504961204.

《中国是部金融史》 [China is the History of Finance] (in Chinese). Beijing: Beijing Lianhe Publishing House. 2013. ISBN 9787550212527.

《抢钱的世界:全球货币通史1-2》 [Other People's Money: Global Monetary History] (in Chinese). Guangzhou, Guangdong: Guangdong Tourism Publishing House. 2013. ISBN 9787807667254.

《中国是部金融史Ⅱ:天下之财》 [China is the History of Finance: the World of Finance] (in Chinese). Beijing: Jiuzhou Publishing House. 2014. ISBN 9787510826351.

《大金融与综合增长的世界》 [Comprehensive Growth of the World and Large Financial] (in Chinese). Beijing: Chinese Economy Press. 2014. ISBN 9787513635103.

《国际金融》 [International Finance] (in Chinese). Beijing: China Renmin University Press. 2015. ISBN 9787300209890.

Academic papers

《西方霸权与金融崛起(1-7)》 [Western Hegemony and the Rise of Finance (1-7)]. Financial View (in Chinese). Issue 5 - 11. 2009. ISSN 1673-4882.

《美国金融霸权的崛起(1-3)》 [Rise of American Financial Hegemony (1-3)]. Financial View (in Chinese). Issue 2 - 4. 2010. ISSN 1673-4882

Main Opnions

Chen Yulu, deputy governor of the people's Bank of China, said that the degree of financial openness should keep the bottom line of risk and match with the ability of financial supervision. International experience shows that to expand the opening up of the financial industry, we should not only coordinate with the depth and breadth of economic opening-up, with the bearing capacity of the domestic financial market, but also with the ability of financial supervision and the construction of financial legal system. Only when the supervision is in place can financial opening play a good role in promoting reform and development.


For the issue of SDR, Chen Yulu believes that RMB's SDR comes sooner or later. "For the bright future of RMB internationalization, the market agrees with it; for the absorption of RMB to improve the representativeness and attraction of SDR, people are also recognized."

In his view, the current debate is only about the technical details of screening standards and implementation procedures. The reason for these problems is that the dialogue among different civilizations is not enough, not understood, not familiar with, not sure, which leads to misunderstanding or even prejudice. Therefore, we need to communicate more, "especially for different voices, we need to listen carefully, seek common ground while reserving differences, find more possibilities for cooperation, and do less confrontational entanglement."

In the end, Chen Yulu said that the initiative and decision-making power are not in China. It is hoped that IMF will face the challenges bravely, take the courage and courage of creating SDR in that year, actively improve the currency basket and lead a new round of international monetary system reform.

"Whether or not RMB joined SDR in 2015 will not affect the internationalization process of RMB, nor will it shake China's determination to contribute to the international community in its own way." He concluded.

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