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  • Bao Pengshan (鲍鹏山)
    Born : March , 1963Gender : Male

Professor in School of humanities, Shanghai Open University; doctor of literature, writer, scholar


September 1981 to July 1985, studied in the Chinese Department of Anhui Normal University


After graduation, he applied for supporting teaching and taught in the Chinese Department of Qinghai University of Education (now Qinghai Normal University) for 17 years. Now, he is a professor of Shanghai Open University (formerly Shanghai TV University), master supervisor of Qinghai Normal University, part-time professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, member of Academic Committee of China Confucius Foundation, etc.


The keynote speakers of CCTV's "Lecture Room", Shanghai TV's "Oriental Forum", Shanghai Education TV's "Elite Forum", Shandong Education TV's "New Apricot forum" and other columns.

From 2008 to 2009, he successively gave lectures on “Lin Chong”, “Wu Song”, “Li Kui” and Lu Zhishen of Xin Shuo Shui Hu. On February 14, 2010, he said that he would take his new work "How Confucius Was Tempered" to the forum of hundreds of schools. Since April 2, 2010, Song Jiang, the finale of Xin Shuo Shui Hu, has been broadcasted.

Notable Works|Publications

Mainly engaged in the teaching and research of ancient Chinese literature and culture. Outstanding achievements have been made in the study of the history of Chinese thought and literature. He has published more than 30 books, including “How Confucius Was Tempered”, “The Chinese Mind: Three Thousand Years of Reason And Emotion”, “Fengliuqu”, “Baopengshan Unscramble Water Margin”, "Confucius Biography", "A New Analects of Confucius", "Lonely Sage", "Speaking Confucius", "Arty And Elegant-The Third Eye Of The Book Of Songs", "Fatal Talk". Columnists and works of many magazines in China have been selected into a variety of anthologies and national senior high school Chinese textbooks compiled by people's education press.

Main Opnions

Bao Pengshan said that he likes "Water Margin" better than "Three Kingdoms". Not only because the heroes in "Shuihu" are different from the princes and generals in the "Three Kingdoms", but also the common people around us. More importantly, the water margin is about justice, right and wrong; the "Three Kingdoms" is about intrigue, cleverness and treachery. "Heaven must be made up of these simple characters in the water margin. People in the Three Kingdoms make up hell." He believes that a healthy society and a happy life need more justice than intrigue and cleverness.


Bao Pengshan, friends jokingly called "baozi". Bao Zi's writing style is uninhibited, bloody, humorous and affectionate. In the 1990s, Jia Pingwa opened a column of "Rereading sages" in his 《Beautiful Literature》, which lasted for three years and gained great reputation. After Ji Xianlin and Yu Qiuyu, Bao Zi's academic prose is the leader of the new generation of scholars' prose, which shows the personality, interest and critical spirit of the new generation of Chinese intellectuals.

Mr. Bao is one of the few scholars who dare to tell the truth and speak angrily.

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