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  • Bao Guoxian (包国宪)
    Gender : Male

The Dean of School of Management in Lanzhou University, Chairman of the Academic Committee at LZUMS


PhD degree from Lanzhou University.


Bao is a doctoral supervisor, an excellent expert and teacher of Gansu Province, the national advanced staff and evaluation expert in social science fund group. He receives Special Government Subsidy from the State Council. He is the Dean of School of Management in Lanzhou University, Chairman of the Academic Committee at LZUMS, Director of China Center for Local Government Performance Evaluation, director of Data Development of Chinese Culture Resources and Management Research Center at LZU, Executive Dean of Lanzhou University Research Institute of Management Science (based in Shenzhen) and deputy director of Lanzhou University Academic Committee for Social Science. Professor Bao is also vice president of National Government Performance Management Institute, member of the National MBA Program Education Steering Committee, member of Learning Enthusiasm Commission, Ministry of Education, Standing Director of Chinese Institute of Public Administration, President of Gansu Provincial Institute of Administration, and vice president of Gansu Provincial Institute of Public Administration, etc.


His research achievements won the first and second prizes of Gansu Social Sciences and the “government performance evaluation research contribution award” of China Administration Society. Professor Bao Guoxian ranks second among the “top ten teachers I like best” voted by the second session of Lanzhou university students. At the “world Entrepreneur Summit” organized by Mondale, the Nobel Prize winner in economics, he was honored as one of the “most respected business school professors in China” and “one of the most respected business school presidents in China”.

Notable Works|Publications

Research fields: Government performance management, virtual organization management and strategic management. His academic achievements are mainly in the two fields of government performance management and virtual organization management.

He presided over 4 national fund projects, published 6 monographs and published the Yearbook of China's Government Performance Management (inaugural volume · 2010), published more than 100 academic papers, many papers were excerpted from the full text of Xinhua digest, China's academic yearbook and the photocopy of the people's Congress. This paper puts forward the theory of Government Performance Governance Based on public value, and completes the basic research work. Its results are published in administration and Society (DOI: 10.1177 / 0095399712464952), a high-level magazine in the field of public administration in the United States.

Main Opnions

"Lanzhou University doesn't need a weak college. We have to match the academic status and social reputation of Lanzhou University to run a college," Bao said. According to this, Lanzhou University School of management has set the development goal of a first-class and internationally renowned comprehensive management college in China.

If there is no advantages, we should look for the advantages from those disadvantages.

Lanzhou University is located in the west of China, there have all the problems that need to be studied in the field of public management in China, such as nationality, ecology, poverty and so on. Moreover, the cost of research in the west is lower than that in the East, which is the biggest advantage Bao Guoxian finds.

With the platform of "985 Project" and "211 Project" of Lanzhou University and the research advantage of being located in the west, the Management College of Lanzhou University has planned a road of characteristic development and international development.

The first-class and internationally renowned colleges in the people's Republic of China are not dream. The "market" of the academic community also needs to expand. This process is comparable to starting a new business.

Bao Guoxian is the pioneer. With his business card, he visited well-known management experts all over the world, looking for cooperation opportunities.

With Bao Guoxian's opening up for many years, the influence of Lanzhou University School of management is increasing all the time. Later, their research on government performance management of the school of management of Lanzhou University attracted the attention of the annual meeting of the American Society of public administration. Every year, a special sub forum will be set up to invite internationally renowned experts to discuss with teachers of Lanzhou University.

The school motto of Lanzhou University School of management is "Learning management is learning success". Under the leadership of Bao Guoxian, the development of Lanzhou University School of management in 15 years is a road to success.

Professor Wang Fanghua, a famous expert in management education in China, once common on it, "What is success? The development of the school of management of Lanzhou University is a excellent example. "


He initiated and led Lanzhou University's China local government performance evaluation center, which is the first professional academic organization of government performance evaluation in China. Since 2004, entrusted by Gansu provincial government, it has organized and implemented performance evaluation of 14 city (prefecture) governments and 39 departments directly under Gansu Province for two years, forming a unique “Gansu model”, becoming one of the four models of performance evaluation of local governments in China, and recognized by the academic community and society.

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