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  • Wang Ming (王名)
    Born : October , 1960Gender : Male

Professor, Tsinghua University School of Public Administration

Dean of Tsinghua University Public Welfare Institute


Nagoya University


Research on the theory, model and path selection of social innovation experiments (National Natural Science Foundation of China, ongoing research), social system reform with Chinese characteristics and social governance innovation (National Social Science Foundation major projects, ongoing), public welfare health social innovation experiments Data construction (China Red Cross Foundation, in research)


The Development of Social Innovation in China (Youcheng Entrepreneur Poverty Alleviation Foundation, closed project), Charitable Organization Evaluation Standards and Charitable Project Evaluation Standards Research (China Charity Federation, closed project), Implementation of Domestic Non-Government Organization Law Effect study (Ministry of Public Security, closed item), role of non-governmental organizations in building a harmonious society (major project of the National Social Science Fund, closed item)

Notable Works|Publications

Wang Ming and Wang Chao, Management of Nonprofit Organizations, Renmin University of China Press, 2016

Wang Ming et al. "Hong Kong Non-Profit Organizations", Social Science Literature Press, January 2015

Edited by Wang Ming, "Oral History of Chinese NGOs Vol.2", Social Science Literature Press, October 2014. etc.

Main Opnions

Historically, although China has had a glorious period of NGOs, its main development has been since the reform and opening up. In the past 20 years, Chinese NGOs have experienced three development climaxes. From the perspective of reality, China's NGOs appear to be an extremely huge group in total, with diverse and diverse organizational forms, and their fields of activity cover all aspects of social life; in terms of structure, they exhibit significant regional uneven distribution and activities. The limited scope and small size of the monomers indicate that its capabilities are greatly restricted. At the same time, due to the constraints of resources and capabilities, regulations and systems, there are some prominent problems in the development of Chinese NGOs. In order to solve these problems, the government needs to change its mind and strive to build a new management system of classified supervision, resource guidance and behavior control. At the same time, it must improve legislation and unified supervision, and strive to promote the construction of a new public service system including public service organizations.

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