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  • Sun Liping (孙立平)
    Born : May , 1955Gender : Male

Professor, Department of Sociology, Tsinghua University


1981-1983 Study in Sociology of Nankai University.

1978-1981 Peking University majored in journalism.


1983-1999 Teaching at the Department of Sociology, Peking University, successive assistant professors, lecturers, associate professors


His research on China is known for his spirit of independence and freedom. His prosperous words at the 2013: Forecasting and Strategy annual conference hosted by Caijing Magazine were, as always, extremely powerful.

In the 1980s, the main research direction was social modernization. He has published books such as "Social Modernization", "The Road to Modernization", "Reflection and Exploration of Development", and many papers. In the meantime, theories such as the sequential model of modernization and late-generation exogenous modernization were proposed. In particular, the late-generation exogenous modernization theory has had a wide-ranging influence in academia.

Notable Works|Publications

Sun Liping and Guo Yuhua, "System Practice and Target Groups: A Study of the Actual Operation of the Social Security System for Laid-off and Unemployed People", Social Science Literature Press, 2010.

Sun Liping, "Social Reconstruction—Reconstruction of Order in a Transforming Society", Social Science Literature Press, July 2009.

Main Opnions

Sun Liping has been advocating sociology of practice. Emphasize the need to face social phenomena in practical form, and to treat social facts as dynamic and flowing, rather than static, as in the eyes of impressionist painters, air and sunlight are flowing.

He advocated the "process-event analysis" research strategy, in order to approach the social phenomenon of practice, or to find a way to approach the social phenomenon of practice.

Sociology usually has three languages: purely academic research, facing government policy recommendations, and facing the public. Sun Liping said: "I think I speak the best of the three languages."

In the academic circle, his sociology of transformation has become more and more important, and it is generally acknowledged that it is not easy to understand it. He talks about the policy with the government, and he "makes sense". In the face of the public, his voice Several incidents, including "Lang Gu's Debate", have been closely watched by the media.

Sun Liping has a well-known point: Doing sociology research must be "fatal and interesting." "To study the real problems of Chinese sociology, you can't regard the importance as unimportant. At the same time, the study of China must be able to discuss and talk with the international academic community." This is Sun Liping's approach to scholarship.


Opposes property tax, thinks that the house is the carrier of wealth and the backing of Chinese families.

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