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  • Li Peilin (李培林)
    Born : May , 1955Gender : Male

Director, Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


PhD in Sociology, University of Paris I (Sorbonne), France


Member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Deputy Chairman of the Social Construction Committee, Member of the Faculty of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the Faculty of Social Politics and Law.

In 1972, he graduated from high school attached to Shandong Normal University.

In 1977, he was admitted to the Department of Philosophy of Shandong University. After graduating in 1982, he took out foreign students and went to Beijing Language Institute to concentrate on French.

In 1983, he went to France to study, obtained a master's degree from the University of Lyon, France in 1984, and a Ph.D. in sociology from the First University of Paris (Sorbonne) in 1987.

In 1988, he returned to China with his wife and went to the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to conduct research work in the Urban and Rural Sociology Research Office. He was promoted to associate researcher in 1989 and director of the Industrial Sociology Research Office in 1990. In 1992, he was promoted as a researcher and was awarded the "National Expert with Outstanding Contributions". Since 1993, he has been a doctoral supervisor and enjoyed special government benefits.

In 1993, he served as Deputy Director of the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Director of the Department of Sociology of the Graduate School.

In March 2011, member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

In November 2012, he was elected as an alternate member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

July 2013-January 2019, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and member of the party group.


In March 2013, he was elected as "Top Ten Outstanding Alumni of Shandong University in 2012".

In July 2018, Li Peilin won the second Fei Xiaotong Academic Achievement Award.

Notable Works|Publications

Report on Classes and Classes in the New Era of China

China's Social Change: Current Social Development Situation and Existing Problems

2005: Analysis and Forecast of China's Social Situation Ru Xin, Editor of Xueyi Lu, Pei Lin 2004-12-22

The Change of Ideas in Modern Western Society——Paper Book of Paris by Li Peilin 2004-11-22

Main Opnions

Li Peilin believes that social transformation is a holistic development and a special structural change. It is necessary to introduce quantitative analysis into the examination of structural changes. He pointed out that the characteristics of China's current social structural transformation are: structural transformation and system transformation proceed simultaneously, the dual start of the government and the market, the two-way movement of the urbanization process, and the unbalanced development in the transformation process. He believes that in addition to state intervention and market regulation, social structural transformation is another invisible hand that affects resource allocation and economic development. It is not only the result of economic growth, but also the driving force for social change. It makes the structural developments that have emerged during the reform and opening up irreversible. Seriously studying the characteristics and regularity of China's social structural transformation is of great significance for a deep understanding of the theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics and guiding the practice of reform, opening up, and modernization.


The factors that affect the attitudes and behaviors of migrant workers may not be the comparison of social horizontal interests, but the comparison of their own vertical interests. Therefore, they follow the logic of historical decisions rather than economic decisions.

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