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  • Xu Jianying (许建英)
    Born : October , 1963Gender : Male

Professor, Frontier History and Geography Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Member of Xinjiang Think Tank Expert Committee


Graduated from Hubei Normal University with a major in English Language and Literature. Graduated from Xinjiang University in July 1990.


From July 1990 to September 1999, he was engaged in publishing in Xinjiang. He edited and published a variety of books and albums on Xinjiang history, art, and culture. He was the editor-in-chief of Xinjiang national folklore series and translated a variety of books on ancient Xinjiang art , Participated in many academic conferences.

From September 1999 to July 2002, he studied in the Department of Modern History of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He was a PhD candidate in modern territorial history in China and obtained a doctorate in history data.


He has been engaged in research and research on China's frontier society for a long time, especially in the areas of governance of frontier areas, modern history of Xinjiang, history of Xinjiang's relations with neighboring countries, Xinjiang's anti-terrorism and anti-secession issues, and the "Belt and Road" security and other fields. Hosted and participated in more than 20 projects of the Academy of Social Sciences, the National Social Science Fund, and provincial and ministerial projects; published 13 books (including co-authors), 7 published works (including co-translations), published academic papers, articles, and research reports 190 Multiple articles. A number of achievements have won the Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements and Information Strategy Awards of the China Frontier Research Institute and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Notable Works|Publications

History of Civilization in Central Asia (co-authored), UNESCO, 15,000 words, 2005.

"Disillusionment of the" East Turkistan "Dream" (co-author), Xinjiang People's Publishing House, 155,000 words, 2006.

"A Hundred Years of Xinjiang" Large-scale Information Album (Co-author), Xinjiang People's Publishing House, 2006.

Main Opnions

The integration of Xinjiang and the interior of the ancestral home is an inevitable development in history, and it also fully illustrates that Xinjiang has been an inalienable part of China since ancient times. In the long development process, people of all nationalities have suffered together and worked together, forming a national unity, national unity, and opposition The glorious tradition of alien aggression and opposition to division has formed an inseparable community of destiny.

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