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  • Gu Limei (顾丽梅)
    Gender : Male
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Professor, department of public administration, Fudan University


She graduated from Fudan University in 2001 with a doctor of law degree.


Fudan University MPA tutor, MPA teacher, deputy director of Fudan University MPA education center, deputy director of Fudan University development and policy research center.

She was a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois in the United States. And she has visited University of Chicago, Georgetown University, University of Florence, National University of Singapore, etc. She also lectured at Knox University and Oklahoma State University in 2007 and 2008 respectively.


Her main research direction: public policy, government governance and comparative public administration teaching and research.

Main Opnions

Government responsibility is a very complex issue. Both the old public administration and the new public administration tend to simplify this problem. For example, the classic view and understanding of the old public administration is that the most simple and direct responsibility of public administrators is to be responsible for political officials. As Wilson wrote: there will be no more bureaucratic stains on policy. Policies will no longer be made by permanent officials, and politicians responsible for their citizens will directly and inevitably express their views directly to the public. Far more than that, responsibility is no longer a real problem; politicians are expected to make policies when bureaucrats implement them. Obviously, as time goes by, public administrators are supposed to be: the greatest ability is to influence the process of policy.


New public service advocators believe that new public management encourages public managers to think and act like entrepreneurs of businesses and companies. This gives rise to a relatively narrow view of maximizing the role of productivity and meeting the needs of consumers, accepting crises and taking advantage of opportunities. Misreading this, American scholars king and Stivers once again reminded us that government was owned by citizens.

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