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Thursday, August 03, 2023
The Key to the Current Stage of the Ukraine War: Precision Artillery Operations
Kung Chan

On the battlefields of Ukraine, neither Russia nor Ukraine possesses a strong air force, making ground combat heavily reliant on artillery power. The success or failure of the battle is determined by artillery and anti-artillery operations. From my personal perspective, the previous counteroffensive phase in Ukraine was perplexing and gave a sense of failure mainly because the Ukrainian high command treated their infantry units as a force for large-scale assaults in attempts to break through the Russian defense lines. Unfortunately, this played right into the hands of the Russian forces, resulting in severe casualties for the Ukrainian troops.

If the Ukrainian military wishes to learn from this experience, then in the next phase of operations, it should continue employing the reconnaissance approach. This is to utilize smaller units and adopt infiltration reconnaissance tactics to penetrate Russian defense lines, and small-scale attacks to identify and gather intelligence on Russian artillery units can also be implemented. Once the coordinates of the Russian artillery units are known, precise strikes can be carried out to neutralize and destroy them. This approach will rapidly deplete the Russian artillery resources, leaving the Russian defense vulnerable without artillery cover and concealment, causing increased losses and making its defense line susceptible to breakthroughs.

Whether this method of warfare represents a new model for modern offensive tactics is difficult to say for certain and would require practical battlefield experience by the Ukrainian military to ascertain. However, undoubtedly the previous approach of deploying infantry clusters for widespread attacks by the Ukrainian military has proven to be a failure, requiring it to locate a new means of warfare.

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