Thursday, May 03, 2018

Author: Chen Gong

Publisher: China Economic Publishing House  
Publication Date: Oct 1, 2001
ISBN: 9787501752706
Price: RMB 20

There has been a serious disconnection between the science and analysis practice of information in China for a long time. The information analysis has never formed into an independent subject system ,although the information analysis and intelligence research have been widely utilized in a wide range of fields with a long history. Therefore, it is difficult to develop further and poses a real threat to China's future competition practice.
In order to make the information analysis and intelligence research to face the future effectively, the author, combining his daily information analysis experience, spent one year and a half of research and writing, and has put forward a string of basic theoretic concepts such as the theory of information reflex, thinking training, knowledge ability, information chain and strategy research. The book introduced the necessary method system and basic principles, and critically challenged the long-lasting traditional view of information science. On the basis of this, the author has clearly put forward and constructed the basic concept and theoretical foundation of information analysis.

This book is a work from a professional researcher, and is the essence of the author's real work experience and very pragmatic and operational to readers.

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